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Can You Hear Me Now?
June 13, 2013

We continue to look for ways to improve our service, accessibility, and savings for the membership. Our current inhouse phone system provides direct access to staff when in the office and sends voice messages to staff through email when they are traveling. This eliminates the need for GEM to retain an 800 number and will provide a cost savings of $200.00 annually.

Effective 6/13/13 GEM cancelled its 866-342-5436 PBX number that had been put in place back in 2003 to reroute voice messages to staff.  This should have little to no impact on the membership. You can continue to contact the GEM staff at the main executive office in Concord NH at 603-223-0321 and/or the staff cell phone numbers which have not changed. These numbers are posted on this website under About Us/Staff.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you!



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