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In-House Expertise
GEM prospects and GEM members are experience rated. Each entity is rated based upon a customized actuarial model. Underwriting is performed "in house" using the specialized expertise of GEM's staff members. GEM offers transparency in its rating methodology allowing members to fully understand how their premiums are calculated.

Ben Kraus, Underwriting Manager, has primary responsibility for coordinating the underwriting review performed by GEM. Pool information that is part of the GEM underwriting evaluation includes: historical loss experience, most recent claims audit, actuarial studies, underwriting process, primary policy form, state tort statutes, scope/quality of primary control services, and audited financial audit statements.

Contact Us
For questions regarding Underwriting at GEM please contact Ben Kraus via email at

Executive Office: 116 South River Road, Building D, Unit 4, Bedford, NH 03110
Domiciliary Office: 1444 I Street, NW, Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005
ph: 603.223.0321   fax: 202.318.3220
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