Government Entities Mutual, Inc.
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GEM Provides a Unique Combination of Benefits
  • Relevant Reinsurance Products
    GEM looks at where the public entity risk pool market is headed and designs reinsurance products that help anticipate your future member needs.

  • Industry Expertise
    Our team of experts has extensive experience in public entity pooling and reinsurance. This expertise helps you to continue to improve your own pooling practices and stay ahead of trends.

  • Long-Term, Strategic Relationships
    Pools may find alternative reinsurance products that satisfy their current coverage needs, but no other carrier shows the vested interest in helping you succeed like GEM does.

  • Best Practices for Mitigating Risk
    GEM provides a platform for sharing member insight into pooling practices that are the most effective, in a safe and confidential forum. You benefit from actual member experience rather than untested theory.

  • Collaborative Member Partnerships
    GEM not only provides thought leadership from a risk pool market perspective, but also encourages and develops relationships between members so all involved can grow and learn together.

Executive Office: 116 South River Road, Building D, Unit 4, Bedford, NH 03110
Domiciliary Office: 1444 I Street, NW, Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005
ph: 603.223.0321   fax: 202.318.3220
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