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Top Five Benefits
  1. Member Owned - In addition to accessing peer resources, members have influence and insight of the company's operations, management, and philosophy.

  2. Financial Stability - GEM, as a member owned reinsurer, is flexible. Our flexibility allows greater stability in pricing and coverage terms.

  3. Profit Sharing - Founding and Premiere members benefit from the accrual of net income in their policy and surplus contribution accounts after investment income and expense allocations.

  4. Follow Form Coverage - GEM's follow form coverage is based upon each individual member pool's Memorandum of Coverage (with certain limited exclusions).

  5. Claims Pen - Our members have more control over claim settlements than what other reinsurance providers offer.

Additional Benefits

GEM's qualified staff has specific knowledge of public entity needs and underwriting standards as well as specialized claims and loss prevention expertise.

Increased access and more leverage in the reinsurance marketplace.

Favorable federal tax treatment like public entities and public entity pools enjoy.

Executive Office: 116 South River Road, Building D, Unit 4, Bedford, NH 03110
Domiciliary Office: 1444 I Street, NW, Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005
ph: 603.223.0321   fax: 202.318.3220
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