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Frequently Asked Questions
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1.How is GEM capitalized?

2.Do members make a minimum commitment to the number of years they will participate in GEM?

3.Is GEM an assessable mutual? Can GEM require a member to make additional capital contributions?

4.When can GEM request that a member make an additional capital contribution?

5.What happens if a member chooses to withdraw from GEM?

6.Will GEM provide reinsurance to every public entity that applies for membership?

7.Is GEM regulated?

8.Does your public entity require an accredited or authorized reinsurer?

9.Is there additional risk at GEM because of the different types of entities covered by members?

10.What risk is associated with becoming a GEM member and who covers the losses if the Company is to become insolvent?

Who do I contact to get an application and learn more about the information needed to consider joining GEM and purchasing coverage?

How do I report a claim?

What is a protected cell captive?

Executive Office: 116 South River Road, Building D, Unit 4, Bedford, NH 03110
Domiciliary Office: 1444 I Street, NW, Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005
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